Partnerships & Collaboration

Better Outcomes for All.
of our construction projects are through programmes of work. Placing partnerships, frameworks and collaboration at the forefront of our approach.


We think long term. Building strong partnerships, developing teams and learning lessons together.

Strong values of own IT, achieve IT and improve IT drives everything we do and how we do IT.


Partnership working

By working together over a programme of work we can achieve significantly better results. We can bring together the best supply chain partners with the brightest talent at Woodhead Construction to work on your project for the long term. This means, team continuity, learning lessons together, time, cost quality certainty and enhanced social, economic, and environmental value.

And the winner is… the community.




A shared focus on outcomes, rather than scope, will unlock innovation and drive continuous improvement.

Construction Playbook


When we work together as one team, with one common goal in mind, we can take projects to the next level. We can harmonise trades, reduce waste and create a better experience for everyone.


Engaged early

Our processes are focused on early engagement to build strong personal relations, adopting a collaborative working ethos to enable everyone to achieve a common goal.

When contractors are engaged early, it enables us to be diligent, consider an array of solutions, ideas and innovative methods which results in a higher quality outcome for all.

It is in everyone’s interest for projects and programmes to be sufficiently prepared ahead of going out to tender. We don’t do last minute.


From feasibility to beyond

We play our part as an integrated member of the team in the early stages of a project, brining our expertise and experience to improve projects. By getting us involved early, it increases innovation to deliver value for money, aids development of robust construction programmes and improves the management of risk.


Explore our partnerships – discover the value of long term strategic partnering