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Woodhead Construction, More Than Just Buildings – The Woodhead Way

Our dedicated teams are here to work in collaboration with you to gain a robust understanding of what you truly value, while delivering operational excellence on all our construction projects.

We build ownership, deliver our promises, and make what we do better every day through a culture of continuous improvement. In short, we own IT, achieve IT and improve IT.


We are an award winning construction company committed to Making Building a Better Experience for All by demonstrating the courage and passion to approach construction projects differently. Woodhead Construction is part of a strong, well managed group of companies. We have a rich history and an exciting future and if you are a customer, supply chain partner or potential employee we want you to be part of it.

Why Woodhead Construction?

We do things differently to make building a better experience for all.

Committed to Considerate Construction, Woodhead consistently score above the industry average in the Considerate Constructors Scheme. As part of our commitment to our local supply chain, we give our supply chain partners the support and fair payment terms to grow with us. We have simple, accurate and fast processes that help us manage our projects effectively while embracing the latest in digital technology, and we attract, engage, develop and retain the right people. We have a collaborative culture and work on a number of public and private sector procurement frameworks to offer our customers enhanced value, regulatory compliance and rapid solutions when it comes to kick starting construction projects.

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