Supply Chain & Social Enterprise

Driving Better Procurement.

Our supply chain are with us every step of the way, well before we start on site. Their expertise is invaluable in helping us bring a client’s vision to life. From expert consultants to independent tradespeople, we involve them at the earliest opportunity to support us in:

  • Developing effective and buildable designs
  • Reducing and managing change
  • Delivering social, economic and environmental value


Fair is fair

We are committed to fair pay for our supply chain, and we expect our supply chain to do the same for theirs. Certainty of payment as critical to create conditions for business to thrive.

on time payment within 42 day payment terms

Supply chain scrutiny

We have a dedicated Supply Chain Manager who is responsible for:

  • Ensuring quality on site
  • Inspiring collaboration and early engagement
  • Managing volatility and supply chain challenges

Join our supply chain:

    Supply chain sustainability school

    We are engaged advocates of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, which means we work together with the industry to improve knowledge, share best practice and learn from others to deliver improvements within the construction industry supply chain. Helping us to deliver better outcomes for our clients and the planet.

    Woodhead Construction Supply Chain Sustainability School

    Image credit: CITB Supply Chain School


    The Social Partnership Portal

    We recognise the value social enterprises bring to society. We have delivered projects using a 100% Social Enterprise supply chain and support social enterprises to join our supply chain. We are Social Enterprise Portal founding members, the portal enables us to match vetted, high quality and local social enterprises to our projects, delivering social, economic and environmental value.


    Better. Together

    When we work together in partnership the results speak for themselves. We have worked with our waste management partners ENVA for over 6 years and established processes and procedures to improve sustainability.


    We are now diverting 98% of our waste from landfill. See how we do it: