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Timber Frame Construction & MMC


Modern Methods of Construction and offsite manufacturing have helped the industry get greener, deliver faster and create better homes. Now it’s time to consider MMC, the way we do things.








Our product

Our Future Homes product is a solution to the climate crisis using an innovative, modern, fabric first methodology. It creates a home that is adaptable, healthy, easy to use and high quality. Future Home uses the latest modern methods of construction that:

Meets 2025 building regulations today

Delivers 80% reduction in carbon
emissions in use

Is up to 20% faster to build

Reduces fuel bills on average by £175

Achieves NET zero carbon


Our first future home site is in the pipeline with six other clients exploring the product.


Driving better, faster and greener delivery

Alexa, build me a new school… We’re not quite there yet, but we are working towards a future where AI solutions will be a fundamental part of our approach to construction. We are taking inspiration from other industries such as manufacturing and logistics to drive better, faster and greener delivery through innovative solutions. Including:

  • Materials and products provenance tracking
  • Offsite manufacturing
  • Stock management
  • Component libraries for aftercare and facilities management


Adopting a more manufacturing-led approach to public works projects and programmes will improve productivity and deliver better value for money.

Construction Playbook


Standardise and digitise

Our digital first approach enables us to create better experiences and drive efficiency through effective design management and co-ordination, economies of scale, easy operation, maintenance, and facilities management.


Digital O&M files

Once the building is handed over our drive to innovate doesn’t stop. We have provided clients with new digital Operations and Maintenance manuals which resulted in:


Digital Operation & Maintenance Construction Manuals