Climate Action

Building a Better Future.

Our oceans are littered with plastic.
The temperature is spiralling out of control.
Our biodiversity is breaking down.

We must act now.


Construction is one of the most consuming industries in the world, contributing to around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. The climate crises affects us all and
we are on a path towards a low carbon future, creating a better outcomes for people, the planet and the future.


A progressive and future proof Climate Action Framework:

Ensuring we are at the forefront of the construction industry in the fight to combat the climate emergency, is part of our daily mission. With clear strategic direction we
have launched our Climate Action Framework.

The Framework outlines how we will take the necessary steps as a business, working collaboratively with our supply chain partners, consultants and customers to a
greener future. Key outcomes of our Climate Action Framework include:

Climate Action Net Zero

NET Zero

scope identified by December 2021

Building Homes with EV Charging


electric fleet and renewable energy powering all sites by December 2023

Building Houses to Better 2025 Building Regulations


betterment on building regulations for Future Homes we build by December 2025

Becoming a Net Zero Construction Contractor

NET Zero

carbon business and PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality standard by December 2029




Building back greener:

The collective buying power of the public sector is powerful. It can drive change and inspire businesses to achieve sustainable outcomes. We are already working with our trusted public sector clients to achieve better sustainability outcomes, including:

  • Developing a pioneering housing product: “Future Homes”
  • Embracing higher standards such as Passivhaus and BREEAM Excellent
  • Planning and undertaking decarbonisation works
  • Building in green technology including EV charging points
  • Monitoring and reducing carbon in construction and asset operations

The scale of the climate emergency means positive changes can only be achieved if the whole industry and supply chain works together embracing an outcome-based approach towards NET Zero.


Rebuilding biodiversity:

Our pledge is to plant 1 tree for every 20m² of building footprint delivered. We have identified a site and are working in partnership with Bolsover District Council to plant up to 2,000 trees.


Our Tree Planting Goals