Digital Leadership

Forward to the Future. Together.

Digital Construction Leaders


The Woodhead Way embraces all aspects of the digital future, from collaborative working in common data environments to delivering projects using BIM. This, combined with our complete digital management ecosystem through the power of Microsoft, means that we can deliver better results for our customers with better:

  • Productivity
  • Visibility
  • Security


We work with big data

Our digital ecosystems support better procurement, design management, delivery and operation of the buildings we deliver, ensuring safety, quality and value. Consistently.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an integral part of our digitisation strategy and it has evolved our construction process and helped revolutionise our approach.

Big data is also helping us to improve safety through tracking and analysing near misses and opportunities for improvement.


Harmonising, digitising and rationalising

Using our in-house design skills led by our Design Co-ordinator, we work collaboratively within multi-disciplined teams to properly integrate design with performance in use, lifetime maintenance costs, and put buildability at the forefront of our work.


Data to tackle the climate emergency

We have adopted “Construct CO₂” which, through digital technology, is helping us measure, understand and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Measuring and benchmarking our construction carbon footprint
  • Mapping our supply chain to demonstrate carbon miles footprint
  • Understanding our footprint to enable improvement


Woodhead Construction Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber security

Cyber security is an ever-evolving threat, our information is protected by industry leading safeguards. We maintain cyber security through our rigorous IT and Data Management Policies and Procedures, which are embedded within our ISO9001 accredited Quality Management Systems. Our business is Cyber Essentials Certified. This is a Government backed scheme and our certification demonstrates our robust approach to cyber security, protecting our business, and our customers’ data, from the risk of cyber attacks.

We use Office 365 SaaS which gives our workforce the benefits of using the cloud, both on-site or in the office. The added benefit of using SaaS is that our secured network can be extended to our supply chain partners, thus enabling us to truly work collaboratively.