Newark and Sherwood Homes Framework

Years 1, 2 and 3 of the 5 year framework with Newark and Sherwood Homes to deliver 250-350 new homes across the district.

Newark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes FrameworkNewark and Sherwood Homes Framework

Year 1:

Start date:  14th August 2017

End date: 14th August 2018

The 5 Year Framework is a programme of works which aims to deliver a target of 70 new homes for Newark and Sherwood Homes within the first year, a target which Woodhead Group achieved.

The first year consisted of 5 clusters of new homes:

  • Balderton Cluster – 10 Homes
  • Collingham Cluster – 9 Homes
  • Farndon Cluster – 17 Homes
  • Newark Cluster – 18 Homes
  • West of Newark Cluster – 16 Homes

The first year included some complex infill sites that required specialist knowledge and expertise, as well as working with the surrounding residents, suppliers and contractors to deliver these smaller sites efficiently. By working collaboratively through the EEM framework, it made delivering these infill sites possible whilst producing high Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) scores, with all sites being above the national average, ranging from a score of 37 to 41.


Year 2:

Start date: 21st January 2019

The second year of the 5 Year Framework aims to deliver a target of 50 new homes; 25 flats, 12 bungalows and 13 houses. Combined with the 70 new homes built in the first year, these contribute to the goal to deliver 250-350 new high quality homes for Newark and Sherwood District Homes over the Framework.

The second year consists of 4 clusters of new homes:

  • Coddington Cluster – 17 Homes
  • Hawtonville Cluster – 21 Homes
  • Sherwood Forest Cluster – 9 Homes
  • Southwell Cluster – 3 Homes

Strong relationships

Robert Woodhead Limited has a strong relationship with Newark and Sherwood Homes, having been previously appointed to deliver 2 nr. schemes comprising  25 new build bungalows at Scarborough Road, Bilsthorpe, and 32 nr. flats in Newark, both procured through the EEM Framework.

Standardisation delivers efficiencies

Robert Woodhead Limited, Newark and Sherwood Homes, RG+P (Architects) and Collins Hall Green (Engineers) have undertaken weekly workshops to develop the design of set house types which will be used throughout the Framework to drive efficiencies through standardisation.

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction is key—Newark & Sherwood Homes rated us in our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) an exceptional 10/10 for health & safety, 10/10 for quality of the product and 10/10 for likeliness to recommend us.

Social value

Social value is key to Robert Woodhead Ltd, being part of our core focus of creating a better experience for all—from our trusted partners to the local community. This has included many community activities such as career events, school visits, and work experience placements.

There was also a Hawtonville  ‘Day of Action’ in March 2019, where a team of over 100 people including members of Woodhead staff and the Hawtonville community spent a day collecting waste; with an extensive programme including litter picking, street cleaning, and action on fly tips. The weight of waste collected was more than 20 tonnes – equivalent to 5 hippopotamuses! Furthermore 150 shrubs and trees were planted by local schoolchildren.

Year 3:

Start date: 7th January 2019

End date: 27th March 2023

As part of the year 3 cluster we are currently delivering new homes across 5 sites which include, 6 flats, 2 bungalows and 4 houses.

The unique sites developed through this framework posses multiple challenges that need to be overcome in order to make the project a success. Although the sites may only offer up to 3 units of residential accommodation, it is the bespoke challenges that each site presents, that makes these projects so important.

We have found that collaboration, communication and partnership working have been critical to the success of these schemes. Due to the savings on previous schemes we have brought forward 2 sites from cluster 4, thus delivering William Street (2 flats) and Northgate (2 flats). A majority of these sites are vacant land, former garage sites or brownfield sites that have been difficult to develop on their own.

Continuity of Teams

The one single success factor of this 5 year framework has been the continuity of team. Our dedicated team have been delivering this programme of works since year 1 commenced in 2017. By having one familiar team dedicated to the project, we have worked collectively to resolve multiple challenges. We have seen staff develop their experience and career paths. In addition, our dedicated workforce, are working with a consistent team of trusted supply chain partners. With advance foresight of forthcoming pipeline of works, our trusted supply chain partners are able to ringfence their resource and place advance orders for materials. Thus, mitigating the risk of material delays caused by external economic factors, such as the pandemic or material shortages.

Going The Extra Mile

Our project team are known for going the extra mile. In fact they are currently working collaboratively with Newark and Sherwood District Council, to refurbish a ground floor flat in a town centre location (Chatham Court) into a community hub. These works are being undertaken as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility for the benefit of the community & local stakeholders.

Technical Delivery

Automatic opening ventilation is installed by using hollow core pre-cast concrete planks for the first and second floors. Compartmentalised, construction with timber fire batons were used to protect steels, service rises on each elevation and specially designed cable/service routes. Gas services used main copper artillery which filtered into plastic piping for individual flats, isolated in self-contained tracking with low level gas metering. Roof construction was a timber truss roof with fire breaks in spandrel panels. Heavily insulated voids enabled us to reach enhanced U-values.

Low Carbon Technologies 

We removed the gas supply to all properties and installed electric boilers with solar PV and battery back-up, thereby reducing the energy costs for the tenants. By adopting this approach we are taking a stepped approach with the Council to achieve 2025 building regulation standards today.

Design Management

The novated design team includes, SGA (Architect), BSP (Civils and Structural Engineers) and RGP (Principal Designers). They were selected by Newark and Sherwood District Council in Year 1 and have been working with us since. Our “one team” ethos has been the key success factor to ensuring the successful delivering to each of the sites over the past 3 years.

Individual Site Profile | William Street 

This site was a former car park site, we have been working with the client design team to develop 2, 1 bed flats. Our site management team have led the site team and trusted supply chain partners to deliver exceptional KPI performance scores, including;

  • 10/10 for Health & Safety
  • Excellent CCS scores for customer satisfaction
  • Excellent community engagement as recognised by the independent CCS auditor
  • Quality of workmanship has been exceptional for both directly employed staff and that of our sub-contractors as commended by the client representative.