Wastecycle Loves Woodhead Recycling Efforts

Robert Woodhead Limited is one of thirteen organisations in the East Midlands have been rewarded for their love of recycling.

The environmentally aware construction contractor achieved a 98.5% average recycling and recovery rate across building sites in 2017 and also introduced environmentally-friendly initiatives combined with a number of sustainable developments including the new Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre in Edwinstowe.

The Visitors Centre project has recently been commended by the Considerate Constructors Scheme scoring an “exceptional” 9/10 in the environmental category for a number of initiatives including:

  • KPIs have been set for the key environmental issues (waste, energy, water, CO2)
  • vehicle sharing encouraged
  • local suppliers used
  • The planned re-planting of trees

The score places the site at the forefront of industry best practice demonstrating the very highest level of achievement.

Kerri Grocock, Health, Safety, and Environmental Co-ordinator said “the improvements in reducing, reusing and recycling ‘waste’ are the result of the company working together, in partnership with WasteCycle, across all of our sites to improve standards.  We have also benefited from some creative thinking to find novel ways to transform waste into useful new functions”

About Wastecycle

Wastecycle is the leading resource management and recycling company in the East Midlands and is part of Enva Group which consists of waste companies in England, Scotland and Ireland. The company uses the latest technologies to help waste producers improve resource efficiency and reduce operating costs by increasing recycling and decreasing carbon emissions. The firm processes more than 500,000 tonnes of waste and material each year, of which, over 98% is recycled and recovered. www.wastecycle.co.uk

The award winners, seven in Nottinghamshire, five in Leicestershire and one in Derbyshire, have made significant efforts to increase the amount of waste they recycle, resulting in recognition from resource management and recycling company, Wastecycle, which has presented the companies with a Love Recycling Award.


(L-R) Paul Neal, Robert Woodhead Limited, Jack Fletcher, WasteCycle and Kerri Grocock, Robert Woodhead Limited, receive the love recycling award.