An update on the Supported Insight Scheme

On average, the percentage of people with a Learning Disability who are in employment in the D2N2 region is 1.8%. Alongside this fact, in the previous academic year, no student Alfreton Park Community Special School secured paid employment. Together with Direct Education Business Partnership, in 2021 we established a Supported Insight Work Experience pilot programme to welcome four students from Alfreton Park Community Special School into the construction industry. The 6 week programme involves shadowing core areas of the business from pre-construction, operations and business services.

So far, our 2022 Supported Insight students have been exploring sites and partaking in various activities to develop their skills and understanding of construction.

Over the last couple of weeks, the students have visited our Eastglade site in Bestwood, Nottinghamshire, for a visit around site and to then develop a Health & Safety poster aimed at keeping children away from building sites.

Last week, the students visited Sandy Lane, one of our housing sites that we are delivering with Bolsover District Council. First, they were taken around the development to see the live building site and were then taken to the cabin to build houses from Lego based on one of the site house plans.

Our Business Support Manager, Matt Bust, has recently been to Alfreton Park Community Special school where the students learned about 100 years of council housing and then designed a poster on what they think a house will look like in 100 years time.