Sustainable switches: small efforts, big impact

Robert Woodhead Ltd have been making sustainable switches to reduce their environmental impact and progress towards their goal of becoming a climate positive contractor by 2030.

The company have been reducing unnecessary journeys and ensuring that materials are being delivered from the most local depots. Packaging is also actively being reduced by preventing packaging-within-packaging.


Market-led eco-cabins have been selected to give a projected saving of 12,362kg of CO2 over the course of the project. It is also estimated to save 80,634 KWh, a total of £11,937 worth of energy and 42% of energy compared to non Eco equivalent products.


Cement bags have been switched to non-plastic alternatives, which has saved over 2,261 plastic cement bags.


2 staff members have been car sharing twice a week to eliminate the use of an unnecesary vechile. This small act is estimated to save half a tonne of CO2 a year.


There has been a 95% reduction in lamination use across the business, which is also trialling battery powered disc cutters and compactor plates on groundwork jobs. Battery-powered items produce less noise, zero emissions, lower maintainence costs and lower weight.


Last but by no means list, signage has started to be switched to the recyclable alternative of Correx.