Robert Woodhead Ltd gifts a defibrillator to Whitwell community

The house-building partnership between Robert Woodhead Ltd and Bolsover District Council is one of the most ambitious housing programmes to provide energy efficient properties, built to the ‘highest standards and to meet local communities housing needs’.

The contractor has committed to a number of social value initiatives throughout the programme and in the company’s latest efforts towards building social value, Robert Woodhead Ltd have gifted the Whitwell community with a new defibrillator.

The defibrillator will be housed next to the entrance of local business, Planterior Landscape Services Limited, who will also take responsibility for its maintenance.

The handover took place on Tuesday, 25th January with representatives from both companies in attendance. Bolsover TV also attended the event to interview David Pearson, Bolsover Homes Framework Manager, who spoke about what these pledges to the local communities mean to the company.

As the Sandy Lane scheme draws to a close, David Pearson reflects on the project: “We’re starting to see the positive impact on the community develop as we’re completing the sites and working through the programme”.

Local district and parish councillor for Whitwell, councillor Tom Munro said, “It’s very important to have these defibs in the Parish and we are delighted that Robert Woodheads have funded the device and Planterior are managing it on our behalf. They are a vital piece of equipment and can help save lives so the more we can have available in the area, the better it is.”

Robert Woodhead are currently working on planning permission for further housing sites throughout Bolsover District, with 31 plots already granted planning permission within the Langwith and Shirebrook areas.

This donation forms part of the company’s 4-year partnership with Bolsover District Council, in which Robert Woodhead Ltd are currently building various new build properties on Sandy Lane which are due to complete later this year.

The company are dedicated to going above and beyond and demonstrates the commitment to the local community they work in. Social value benefits that Robert Woodhead have offered Bolsover District Council include the delivery of 48 training courses and 20 work experience placements through the Bolsover Homes partnership in 2021 alone.

The company have also improved parking facilities at Whitwell Football Club as a thank you for letting their workers use the facility during the Sandy Lane project.