Transforming the home of Nottingham City Council

Loxley House is the administrative home of Nottingham City Council. To protect the building Nottingham City Council made the decision to undertake extensive roof repairs to the property. The works comprised of recovering two areas of flat roofing to Loxley House.

Project Overview

Woodhead Improve has completed the project on behalf of Nottingham City Council, through the East Midlands Property Alliance (empa ii) Framework.

The works included:

  • The installation of suitable edge protection
  • The preparation of roof areas in readiness for new Roof Covering system
  • The overlaying of a new surface to the rooftop areas including cappings to roof edges.
  • Delivering a new waterproof coating (applied around plant and detailing)
  • The transportation of tools and materials from the ground floor to the roof area through the live council offices

Key Challenge

The location of the air handing units on the roof meant that the waterproof coating needed to be applied in and around these units. As the building remained operational, with over 2,000 city council staff inside, it was important that the odour commonly associated with waterproof coating did not go into the air units, this would have impacted the building remaining operational, as the odours would have impacted the feasibility for staff to continue their day to day roles.

To manage this challenge, Woodhead sourced a new low odour liquid that could be applied to the roof membrane as a coating, Decothane ultra. This liquid achieved more than an 80% reduction in the strength of smell after just five minutes of being applied, and a further 95% reduction after one hour of being used.

Key achievements:

  • Delivered within budget
  • Delivered on time
  • Building remained fully operational with minimal impact to 2,000 staff
  • 100% local labour and Sub Contractor spend
  • 0 Riddor Accidents

Client Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction – Service: 10/10
Programme (Did we complete project to agreed date): 10/10
Relationships: 10/10
Communications: 10/10
Competence: 10/10
Workmanship: 10/10
Responsiveness: 10/10
Adaptability: 10/10
Safety: 10/10
Supply Chain Management: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10