Sherwood Street innovative solutions, careful management and a considerate approach.

Sherwood Street innovative solutions, careful management and a considerate approach.Sherwood Street innovative solutions, careful management and a considerate approach.Sherwood Street innovative solutions, careful management and a considerate approach.

Project Summary

To provide 15 self contained flats with associated support infrastructure including ground floor office space, training and conference rooms. The works included extensive demolition, upward extension and internal reordering.

The Challenge

The location of the site, complex demolition package and the client’s high specification posed many challenges to the project delivery team including:

●The removal of the first floor partitions and roof structure.

●The provision of additional pile driven foundations to support the steel skeleton of the building to reduce stress on external wall loads.

●The construction and seamless integration of 2.5 floors of timber frame into existing building fabric to provide an unnoticeable and sympathetic marriage between the new extension and existing building

●There was minimal site storage due to the location of the site cabin, welfare facilities and crane.

●Working on a narrow one way street while maintaining safe pedestrian access.

The Solutions

●To effectively conduct the demolition the site was fully netted and scaffolded, debris from the demolition was packaged on pallets and craned out of the building envelope to avoid manual handling.

●We could not pile the external walls due to existing foundations. The solution, to pile internally and introduce a steel frame to split the loads of the floors thus reducing the external wall loads. This solution was achieved by engaging the supply chain, encouraging a collaborative philosophy and an open approach to problem solving.

●The effective use of just in time deliveries, scheduled crane time and careful waste management allowed for no storage on site due to the constricted nature of the area.

●New tenants were provided with a comprehensive user guide to help them settle in to their new homes and make the most of it’s features

●Site waste was minimised by restoring the natural slate roof tiles for future reuse.

●To engage Framework Housing Associations end service users we offered work experience placements, helping them take the first step on the employment ladder. Since this project Robert Woodhead Limited have given permanent employment to service users on two follow on projects.

Everyone, Every Day, Home Safe

Managing a complicated demolition package required specific health and safety measures including; full netting and solid site fencing as numerous residential and commercial facilities including an operational YMCA Centre were in close proximity to the site. The works created over 117 tonnes of waste from site which needed to be removed and recycled.

What the Client Said….

“The quality of the work Robert Woodhead delivered was very, very good. It exceeded our normal expectations; they managed to complete the project on time and on budget despite overcoming significant obstacles”.

Phillip Collins

Asset Manager,

Framework Housing.

“It’s just made a massive improvement to the quality we can give to people who have been homeless for quite some time”.

Michelle Hanson

Service Manager,

Sherwood Street.

Key achievements

●Extensive room by room inspections minimised defects on handover.

●80% of the supply chain was sourced within 20 miles of the site.

●97% of site waste was recycled or recovered.

●On time and on budget.

●Provided sound insulation 18 Decibels beyond performance criteria between the new and existing floor and 7 Decibels between walls.


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