Retford Town Hall – the pride of Retford

The focal point of a bustling Town Centre, Retford Town Hall was in need of vital conservation works to the façade. The aim of the project was to restore the Town Hall into a principal venue for events such as Banquets, Weddings and Meetings as a community resource for the people of

Retford Town Hall – the pride of Retford


The works involved complex conservation repairs to the stone and timber, a small proportion of lead roofing repairs and works to restore the clock and bell tower. Working on a Grade II listed building within a busy Town Centre location posed significant demands on the delivery team, which included:

 retford town hall clock tower

  • The Town Hall is located within a busy market square with high levels of public footfall including markets 3 days per week
  • Working at height alongside a busy public area was particularly challenging
  • Minimising dust, noise and visual pollution was critical to the success of the project
  • Restricted delivery arrangements
  • Site security
  • An unexpected quantity of structural timber was degraded


An approachable full time site manager liaised directly with the public, market traders and the client to successfully manage the logistics of working in a busy live environment

  • Goods deliveries were co-ordinated to minimise disruption to neighbours and the public, a banksperson was employed to manage the deliveries and maintain health and safety at all times
  • A scaffolding solution was provided with a small footprint to minimise disruption to the public while maintaining access to the building at all times.
  • Regular inspections to the scaffolding and its surrounding area to ensure safety and security.
  • A shrink wrap system was used on the scaffolding which minimised dust, noise and visual pollution.

Community First

As a focal point for the local community we wanted to stimulate interest in the project. The local civic society had the opportunity to tour the site guided by the Site Manager, Jane Harrison. We hosted a presentation of the project for the Civic Society to showcase the project and discuss the works. Site Tours were offered to   Councillors to keep them up to date with the progress of the project.

Commitment to Conservation

Minimal intervention is always a core philosophy to our work. On this project a high proportion of undiscovered timber was degraded, this required skilled conservation craftsmen to splice in new timber where necessary.

Repairing original fabric is often more complex, time     consuming and expensive, Woodhead Heritage were able to deliver the project on time and within budget despite this unanticipated challenge.


“Robert Woodhead were great, with the Town Hall being so special to the people of Retford, we needed a specialist within this field of work… The impact has been great, it looks fantastic, it’s back to its former glory”

Ian Campbell

Chair Bassetlaw District Council