Providing energy efficiency and value for money across South Kesteven

Project in brief

Environmental and DDA compliance improvement works carried out at 31 occupied sheltered housing properties across the South Kesteven District. The project comprises of upgrading the lighting in the communal areas of the properties, carrying out disabled access alterations and upgrading doors to meet Fire Compliance Standards.

Project Overview


After completing Electrical Inspection Condition Reports (EICRs) on 5 properties Woodhead proposed a design and build solution to South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) that would enable them to reduce the ongoing running costs attributed to lighting at their sheltered housing accommodation. Dextra LED light fittings were utilised.  The lights are designed and manufactured in the UK, are readily available throughout the year and last significantly longer than halogen or fluorescent bulbs. The upgrades reduce the lifetime maintenance cost and impact on the environment through their efficiency in providing instant light and do not lose colour over time.

Disabled Access and DDA Compliance 

The disabled access upgrades affected 14 sheltered properties across the District. The works involved the installation of additional ramps and handrails to external doors, remodelling WC’s to allow the installation of Doc M packs, reducing trip hazards around the properties and widening internal door openings to ensure access requirements are met. All the work carried out was in line with the Equality Act 2010 Standards.

Doors Upgrades

Upgraded doors were assembled in accordance with the documentation from the fire risk assessments carried out by South Kesteven District Council. New doors were manufactured and contained at least three fire protected hinges to prevent warping. All other hardware e.g. locks; latches, etc. were similarly upgraded to a fire resistant standard.

Key Achievements

LOCAL SPEND: 98% of Sub subcontractors within 18.5 miles of SKDC Head office


TIME: Delivered 2 weeks ahead of programme




ENERGY EFFICIENCY: 50-60%  lower running costs than average halogen lights


WASTE: 94% Diverted from Landfill

The Challenge

Programme of delivery –  The project programme was critical in minimising disruption to tenants. The lighting refurbishments were designed in phases allowing works to start on site while the next batch of properties were being designed.  Had the project not been delivered through the empa ii framework the client would have needed to provide 31 lighting designs including information on the condition of existing wiring at all of the sites to prepare competitive tenders.  As a result the empa ii Framework saved approximately twelve weeks. Our robust programming enabled the Lighting refurbishments to complete 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
Live Sites – Working on a live site presents many challenges, and in this instance its managing the works around the activity and event schedules of the properties. Many of the community rooms have events planned for residents throughout the year. This means that Woodhead have to schedule in advance the days they are on site, advanced notice was given to minimise the impact to the residents.

Effective Communication – There was scheduled lighting downtime during the installation of the LED programme which affected residents in short intervals. Under normal circumstances if there is a light fault residents would contact the housing officers, who in-turn requests a call-out from the council.  All call-outs have cost implications to the client, so Woodhead understood that effective communication was required to avoid any call-outs being made in error during the scheduled downtime.

Woodhead regularly engaged with residents via the Sheltered Housing Officers at each site. Both parties worked together to ensure residents were fully updated through regular conversations and meetings for the duration of the project, and as a result prevented incurring charges for abortive call-out visits.


A message to the Woodhead Project Coordinator from staff at Clare Close sheltered accommodation:

“I would like to say thank you to your staff on doing a brilliant job, if I hadn’t seen them you wouldn’t know they had been” Clare Close, Stamford, Lincolnshire