Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1

Robert Woodhead Limited was selected through the EEM Efficiency East Midlands Framework as the principal contractor to deliver 26 new homes to Code for Sustainable Homes Level Four at 4 infill sites in Nottinghamshire. 

Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1Building A Better Nottingham | Phase 1

26 New sustainable homes for Nottingham

Working in partnership with Nottingham City Homes Woodhead Living will deliver the following:

  • 2 no. Bungalows at Keverne Close, Aspley
  • 4 no. Bungalows at Wendling Gardens, Bestwood Park
  • 8 no. Dwellings at Henning Gardens, Top Valley
  • 12 no. Dwellings at Windmill Close, St Annes

Key Achievements

  • Mobilised and started on site in 9 weeks.
  • Created 2 new full time employees.
  • 100% of labour plant and materials sourced within 20 miles.
  • Considerate Constructors with a score of 40 out of 50.
  • Exceptional local resident feedback.
  • Held a local resident liaison day trip for over 20 site neighbours.
  • We anticipate the finished homes will reduce energy costs by 60-70%.
  • 13 year 10 and 11 construction students from Big Wood School have been on a site tour  to see the progress and learn about working on construction sites.  The students were delighted to have the opportunity to see first hand what its like to work on a live site.
  • Meets Secure by Design & Lifetime Home Requirements.

All four sites are where garages have been demolished or are cleared sites owned by Nottingham City Council (NCC) – and are part of a wider programme to regenerate areas of the city and build 350 new council homes by 2017.  We have registered all the sites with The Considerate Constructors Scheme and have targeted a score beyond compliance.  The Code for Sustainable Homes assessment will be conducted by Woodhead Living’s in House Code For Sustainable Homes Assessor.

The bungalows and family homes will be managed by Nottingham City Homes (NCH) once they have been completed. We will give ten NCH apprentices the chance to work on new builds for the first time providing the apprentices with vital upskilling opportunities.