New Kitchen & Dining Area

New Kitchen & Dining Area

Extension and alterations to create a new kitchen and dining area. Included a single storey extension to an existing kitchen and a major refurbishment of the changing area as well as electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation installation.


Key Features of the Project

  • 25% reduction in the contract period from 12 to 9 weeks
  • Commitment of the site supervisor
  • Close liaison with school staff

Client Comments:

“The timescale was extremely tight and I am delighted with the work which was completed on time. Peter Evans, Site Supervisor, co-ordinated the work for Robert Woodhead Limited in his usual highly committed and professional style, he liaised successfully with a number of people including our premises staff, architect, ‘Unitech’, mechanical engineer and me. Even when confronted with the frustration of delays and technical difficulties he maintained good humour in all his dealings with the school, worked long hours as necessary and ensured the job was done.”

S M Tabberer, Head Teacher, The Pingle School

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