New Homes for Lincolnshire

New Homes for LincolnshireNew Homes for LincolnshireNew Homes for Lincolnshire

Woodhead Delivers First New Council Homes for A Decade

New build construction of 10 sustainable new homes on three separate disused garage sites in Lincolnshire:

  • Thames Road, Grantham — 2nr. One Bedroom Flats
  • Sandon Road, Grantham — 4nr. Two Bedroom Flats
  • Glen Crescent, Stamford — 3nr. Two Bedroom Houses and 1nr. Two Bedroomed Bungalows

Skills and Training

This project was selected as a pilot project for Woodhead’s B.I.G. Initiative (Building to Inspire a Generation). This would give valuable work experience to local college students.

Over 200 Student Site Visits

Over 20 Student Site Work Experience Placements

Of the 20 students who gained work experience 11 went on to secure construction apprenticeships

Key Achievements

  • Client Satisfaction: 9.5/10
  • Waste Diverted From Landfill: 97.04%
  • Local Labour: 84% under 40 miles from site
  • Local Spend: 90% under 40 miles from site
  • Supply Chain Fair Payment: 96% within 30 days
  • Average Considerate Constructors Scheme Score: 39/50*
  • Skills and Training: 20 Student Placements leading to 16 Apprenticeships
  • Air Tightness: Achieved up to 1.92m³/(hr.m²). This was an 80% improvement over Building Regulations

*UK CCS Average 35.5/50 during construction period.