Kilton Forest Golf Club De-carbonisation works

The de-carbonisation scheme was set to reduce emissions by more than 70% and avoid creating over 43 tonnes of CO2eq emissions a year.
This was the first de-carbonisation project for the client, Bassetlaw District Council.

Kilton Forest Golf Club De-carbonisation worksKilton Forest Golf Club De-carbonisation worksKilton Forest Golf Club De-carbonisation works

Project Introduction

The Council was successful in securing £319,722 as part of a highly competitive bid to the Government’s Public Sector De-Carbonisation Scheme. We collaborated with sub-contractors and the client to bring the building up to 21st Century standards. The de-carbonisation works included updating the infrastructure, mechanical heating and replacing the buildings fabric with new thermally efficient solutions. It was overseen and designed by an external consultant employed directly by Bassetlaw District Council. Robert Woodhead Ltd were appointed through the PAGABO Framework to deliver the scheme.

De-carbonisation Works

We were given an extremely high specification to follow, which was approved by the external consultant at each key stage as a part of a specific quality sign off process developed to attain the high standards required. All installations were successfully undertaken without any disruption towards any parts of the building, which was managed by a third-party provider which remained open during the works. A “fabric first” approach was implemented and resulted in a transformation from a low performing, highly inefficient carbon building to a high performing, low carbon building. The De-carbonisation works included:

  • Single glazing windows changed to double glazed windows
  • Zero insulation in roof spaces to 250mm insulation
  • Zero renewables to 5 kW Solar Photovoltaic arrays on the roof
  • Carbon heavy oil existing heating system to Air source heat pump solution
  • Inefficient life expired oil boiler heating system to low carbon efficient, comfortable, and controllable heating system with heat store for overnight off-peak rate charging
  • New fan assisted radiators and copper pipework
  • Centralised hot water provided from heat pump system and supplemented using direct electric water heating or ASHP with cascade capability
  • LED Lighting replacement of the small number of existing luminaires

Resulting in a completed scheme will help to reduce carbon emissions by more than 70%, avoiding over 43 tonnes of CO2eq emissions a year, by replacing an outdated heating system and installing energy efficiency measures.

Excellent Client Relationship

The project was undertaken whilst the building remained open and there were no major disruptions to normal operations. The delivery team took over the first floor of the building in order to minimise impact. Due to the fantastic relationship, which was established early in the delivery process, employees adapted well to the challenges presented. A strong collaborative working relationship was present from start to finish, on site and at a professional level. The success of the project and collaboration between teams has resulted in us being involved in monitoring performance of the building over the next year. This will enable us to learn from, and share knowledge, for our Carbon Action Framework.

Added Value

We supported the client, taking the project from RIBA Stage 4 to 5 by working collaboratively with our local M&E subcontractor (based just 23 miles from site). We specifically selected the M&E subcontractor as they had an inhouse design team which would save time and cost to progress the project.  We also had to engage with the Council’s private sector leisure provider who operates the building.

Community Engagement

As this building is a great asset to the local community, we wanted to ensure everyone was happy with the construction changes. Our Resident Liaison Officer engaged early on with residents and end users understand concerns and to reassure them.

Successfully Meeting Challenges

  • Bringing an old building up to 21st century standards without compromising the building’s appearance was a challenge as much of the pipe work was larger
  • Ensuring structurally, we didn’t cause any damage or disruption
  • Making sure equipment was installed in an unobtrusive manner
  • The consultant was based in Birmingham, which was a long commute. To minimise carbon impact, and improve efficiency, our Project Manager used Site Audit Pro to send weekly photos and updates at key stages.

Consultant, Paul Bennett said:

“A 10/10 relationship with Woodhead Construction, communicating from start to finish. They have a clear understanding of the post project monitoring, which is a bonus. A great team to work with, collaboration was key throughout.”

The project, which began in July 2021, was secured through Pagabo’s Medium Works Framework which allows Local Authorities access to the right contractors for a full range of works, enabling the project to commence quickly on site.

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