Extension to Kneesall Primary School

This project involved an extension of the existing sports hall and provision of a new entrance lobby, medical room with disabled toilet and store to hall and extension to exisiting woodchip store.

Savings were made allowing a new car park and redecoration of the hall to be pulled into the contract. Our project manager coordinated the works to allow the school to remain open during the project. Constant communication meant all parties worked together to ensure minimal disruption and exceptional health and safety for all the children whilst the project was carried out.


Key Features of the Project

  • Pupils engaged with the builders and Woodhead staff participated in assemblies which maintained good relations with school staff and parents and pupils.
  • Savings of £16,000 meant the school was able to progress with a car park they needed costing £12,000
  • We minimized disturbance to assemblies and exams by managing activity around important school events, developing time management plans with the school.
  • Woodhead attended the end of term opening ceremony.


Client Comments:

“The site manager was brilliant and Steve Woodhead’s project manager went the extra mile, constantly explaining everything to me. I felt comfortable knowing that I didn’t have to worry abut health and safety of everyone or fire permits. The builders managed to finish early even when they were stopping and starting to support us through SAT exams and Ofsted…

Woodhead were more then just builders, they helped us achieve our dream.”
Sue Illet-Coupe