Classroom Replacement Scheme

A classroom replacement scheme for Nottinghamshire County Council. Phase 2 (£456,000) provided four new classrooms, a staff room, a general office, the Head Teacher’s office and a library.

Phase 3 was negotiated and linked another two classrooms to the Phase Two building as well as providing a new dining hall, the refurbishment of the existing assembly hall and resurfacing works.


Key Features of the Project

Planning & Phasing of the Phase 3 scheme. To accommodate the schools specific needs handover of the new facilities was phased as follows:

  • Dining hall & link
  • Extension & new kitchen
  • Fire access road and teaching
  • Working around a fully operational school schedule to ensure construction work did not interfere with exams
  • Cost planning & budgeting to bring the scheme within a fixed target cost

Work completed by Woodhead Education, specialists in construction for education; enhancing education for all, working in schools, colleges and universities to design, build, refurbish and maintain educational spaces.