Bringing BMX to Broxtowe

Woodhead has completed a BMX “pump track” for Nottinghamshire County Council. The track consists of challenging jumps at over one metre high as well as smaller ones to cater for all ages and abilities.

Project Overview

Working for Nottingham City Council, through the empa ii Minor Works Framework, Woodhead delivered a new BMX “pump track” in Broxtowe which features a scooter and skateboard area, quarter-pipe, Volcano Jumps and a rail bar. The scooter track is constructed from 6mm tarmac on base surfaces. A rail bar was also fitted to scooter area, fencing around the site, benches and bins. The BMX track was designed by a former BMX World Champion and is a huge benefit to the local community.

The works on this project involved;

Clearing the existing land to prepare for a new structure.
Completion of gas migration works through the installation of 4m deep vent node to 6 nr locations and chambers.
The formation of BMX track and jumps to varying sizes – structure through formation of track and jumps to varying sizes through clay base material.
Clay sub base with MOT type 1 secondary base and the final track surface constructed of dust limestone of varying thickness.
Formation of asphalt / macadam surfaces to the turns and start hills and drainage installations as required.

Key Challenges

Weather Conditions – In the early stages of the project poor weather conditions interrupted track construction and resulted in settling ground water. There were days where there was no vehicle access to the site, as vehicles would have damaged surrounding ground areas to the BMX Track. Torrents of water across three parts of the track meant the ground was saturated, this coupled with no vehicle access only allowed for minimal works to take place in the early stages of the project.

The adverse weather conditions meant the project programme required constant review and assessment, with a reactive approach to the previously scheduled works. Aspects of the project that could take place during the poor weather conditions (such as getting the clay on site, and getting its structure prepared) were brought forward, and works that could only take place during breaks in the weather were carried out as and when the conditions were suitable. To begin work on the first section of the Track, the master drain was accessed and the excess water was drained away.

In light of the weather, a revised completion was agreed by the client and the project team. Additional members of staff were brought into the project, with individuals working overtime, and out of hours to ensure that the impact on the completion date of the project was minimal. Despite the weather conditions the track was ready in time for the scheduled opening event.

Added Value

Working with Best Build – This project saw individuals from Broxtowe based social enterprise BESTbuild on site.  They provide construction employment and apprenticeship opportunities for local people. Their aim is to teach transferable workplace skills, encourage a positive work ethic and empower local people to take control of their own lives.

Community consultation event – This event was organised for Woodhead to meet residents of Broxtowe at the local youth centre to explain all the details about the project, and to discuss what the BMX track will bring to the community. Animations of the fully operational track, and visuals of the proposed finished project were displayed at the event. Former BMX world champion, Tony Flemming, was also on-hand to give a presentation on the project and held a questions and answers session for those in attendance.

Launch event – The BMX Pump track officially opened with activities and events for the local community to enjoy including hot food stalls, fireworks display and a raffle to win a bike and scooter with Woodhead representatives there on the evening to answer any questions or queries regarding the completed project.

Key achievements

  • Delivered in time for grand opening event despite weather conditions
  • Contract remained within controlled budget despite adverse weather
  • 0 Riddor Accidents
  • Client would recommend Woodhead to other client

Client Feedback

“This new BMX Pump track was started by councillors but the real vision came from local young people and the community and I am proud that, after 2 years of effort, we now have an excellent facility on the park. The new facilities will create an attractive and safe environment for young citizens and adults alike. By involving the local community in the development, we hope they will own it and respect it. It will promote healthy lifestyles and give young people something constructive to do.

Cllr Graham Chapman, Portfolio Holder for Resources and Neighbourhood Regeneration