National Federation of Builders | Carbon Report 2020

The National Federation of Builders’ (NFB) Major Contractors Group (MCG) is supporting and preparing the construction industry to fight the climate change battle. As many contractors, including ourselves, begin to accelerate the journey in achieving net zero carbon throughout construction projects, a new handbook has been designed as a path to follow.

The NFB Carbon Report 2020 has been released, ‘Transforming Construction: Delivering a Low Carbon Future’, providing the knowledge and practical actions for businesses to adopt and intertwin into their values. As a company we currently highlight the importance of making a global change in line with the actions to bring the climate emergency to an end.

Our companies leadership on high level decarbonisation and climate action goals comes from Chief Visionary Officer, Glenn Slater.

Find out more about our targets and plan of action to achieving net environmental gain in the Carbon Report here.