More new homes hand over in Whitwell

Contractors Robert Woodhead Limited have handed over yet more new homes to Bolsover District Council in Whitwell. The total number of homes built on Sandy Lane and Thorpe Avenue will be 21 once fully completed by early June.

Members of the Council and Contractors gathered on site to welcome new tenants including Pat who recently moved into a brand new bungalow. Pat commented that the new home is “absolutely brilliant, I love it and I am so happy here. It is warmer, wider, bigger and more spacious. I am very impressed!”

As well as creating much needed local housing, the Bolsover Homes partnership is also delivering a positive impact locally. For every £1 spent on the Sandy Lane project it has generated £2.59 of social, economic and environmental value. More generally, the Bolsover Homes partnership has also provided 5 new jobs and 21 work experience placements.

Bolsover District Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Sandra Peake said, “It’s great to see the next phase of our Bolsover Homes house-building scheme coming to completion. The properties look lovely and I am very impressed with the design and layout which provides plenty of room both inside and outside for our tenants.
“Building council properties is very important to us. Not only are we committed to providing good quality homes for people who rent off the Council, but we are also creating new jobs and helping the local economy as well. So it’s a win-win all round for Whitwell.”

This is the fifth Bolsover Homes site to complete, and the four-year partnership will create up to four hundred new council properties. There are a further 40 homes currently being built across the district with many more in the pipeline. This includes homes in Langwith to bolster the number of homes available to meet local need. Notably, the scheme also features three new sustainable solar streetlights that have zero ongoing electricity costs.

David Pearson, Framework Manager at Robert Woodhead said, “This is a great milestone for Bolsover Homes. Having had chance to hear how pleased the new tenants are with their homes is great. We would like to thank all the residents who have been absolutely fantastic and so supportive during our time on site.”

The Bolsover Homes partnership between Bolsover District Council and Robert Woodhead Limited has recently been shortlisted for a prestigious industry award. This is a result of the collaboration to deliver the new homes to the highest quality standards.


Sandy lane handover