Good to Gold Leadership and Management Programme Launches

Following on from the multi award winning Good to Gold programme delivered in 2015/16 we are pleased to launch a follow on programme for Good to Gold.  This is a collaboration between Robert Woodhead Limited, Skills Support and Learn Direct. Good to Gold will bring SME Construction businesses together to develop together through three strategic leadership and learning workshops delivered by world class speakers on the following topics:

  • Recruitment & Selection / Coaching Skills
  • Generating Profitable Business Growth
  • Project Management / Effective use of Resources

We would like to invite SME companies that meet the eligibility criteria to join the Good to Gold Programme.

Click here to download the Eligibility Criteria and workshop schedule.

You Can Book* onto the workshops using the links below:

Each workshop will be delivered up to three times covering the same content so please book one time slot per workshop category.

Workshop 1 Recruitment & Selection / Coaching Skills

Delivered by Nigel Risner, covering:

  • Understanding of how to select people for the interview
  • What is coaching?
  • How to make a formal job offer

19.4.18 (08.30am – 11.30am) Good to Gold Workshop 1A – Recruitment & Selection / Coaching Skills

19.4.18 (13.15pm – 16.45pm) Good to Gold Workshop 1B – Recruitment & Selection / Coaching Skills

20.4.18 (08.30am – 11.30am) Good to Gold Workshop 1C – Recruitment & Selection / Coaching Skills

Workshop 2 Generating Profitable Business Growth

Delivered by David Barnfield, covering:

  • Developing the belief that everyone can influence profits
  • Selling based on the value of your product/service, rather than price
  • Negotiating better deals with suppliers and customers

15.5.18 (08.15am – 12.15pm) Good to Gold Workshop 2A – Generating Profitable Business Growth

15.5.18 (13.00pm – 17.00pm) Good to Gold Workshop 2B – Generating Profitable Business Growth

16.5.18 (08.15am – 12.15pm) Good to Gold Workshop 2C – Generating Profitable Business Growth

Workshop 3 Project Management / Effective Use of Resources

Delivered by Chris Croft, covering:

  • Understanding how to plan projects​ more effectively
  • How to get better performance from your team
  • How to be a more effective negotiator

19.6.18 (08.15 – 12.15pm) Good to Gold Workshop 3A – Project Management / Effective Use of Resources

19.6.18 (13.00pm – 17.00pm) Good to Gold Workshop 3B – Project Management / Effective Use of Resources

20.6.18 (08.15am – 12.15pm) Good to Gold Workshop 3C – Project Management / Effective Use of Resources

*please note that spaces are limited to two delegates per company per workshop category.

If you have any questions please contact Diane Willcock:

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