Robert Woodhead Ltd receive personal highest CCS scores

Robert Woodhead Ltd are delighted to share their Considerate Constructors Scheme scores over the period between 28/06/2021 and 27/05/2022. The scores are decided from site visits which assess the site’s conformance with the Code of Considerate Practice, including Community, Environmental and Workforce codes.

Robert Woodhead Ltd would like to commend the teams at the following locations for their outstanding efforts in securing the highest CCS scores ever seen by the company.

Saundby avenue

Andy Stapleton, John Ritchie and Luke Ingle

Sandy Lane

Chris Godley, Harvey Gregory and Jack Snowdon

Old Fire Station

Paul Woods and David Ajala


Chris Richards and Steve Hodgson

Madison Court

Nick Middleton

Hatchets Lane / Devon Road

Mark Tonks


Craig McLaughlin, Jim Burnam, Andy Cassells, Jon Ritchie and Matt Bust