A closer look at The Grange and Devon Road CCS scores

Recently, Robert Woodhead Ltd received excellent CCS scores at the Newark and Sherwood District Council sites The Grange, which is building 2 bungalows alongside refurbishing the outside space of an existing block of flats, and Devon Road, which will deliver 9 units of flats and bungalows. The Considerate Constructors Scheme marking consists of scoring the subsections of ‘Respect the Community’, ‘Care for the Environment’ and ‘Value their Workforce’, with a final ‘Overall Summary’. Each section is scored out of 15 points to give a total CCS score out of 45.

The Grange

The Grange received full marks for each section of the scoring. As well as this, the site submitted for additional points only granted through innovation submissions, which if successful, will be added on to the total score.

Respect the Community

“Site have clearly establish excellent relations with the residents and neighbours, listening to their needs and making positive contributions in enhancing their environment and promoting construction positively through schools and colleges, providing work experience and mock interviews.”

Care for the Environment

“Woodhead construction clearly have environment and workforce criteria for Considerate Constructors Scheme code of conduct deeply engrained within the business and its gateway process approach to site set up meaning all aspects are covered and the sites score closely. Notable achievements under environment are the preservation of an oak tree, enhancements to the gardens and surroundings of the residents with planters, bug hotels and bird boxes and adopting new working practices to eliminate single use plastics.”

Value their Workforce

“The work done with schools, colleges and special needs schools is exemplary in promoting construction as a career across all groups and abilities and is further supported through the donation of usable but waste (to site) materials to support practical learning such as brick laying.”

Excellent – 45 / 45

Devon Road

Devon Road received an excellent 14, 15 and 15 for each section of the scoring. As well as this, the site also submitted for the additional innovation submission points.

Respect the Community

“Once again the site was found to be secure, clean, tidy and well presented with security fencing and controlled access for pedestrians and site traffic. Notable improvements under community were; the updated notice board which, along with contact information, included carbon action plan updates and social value contributions made within the community. Further community contributions are planned with work experience being provided for two special needs students over the coming weeks.”

Care for the Environment

“All the environmental improvements from the first visit had been carried out with the introduction of segregated waste skips and installation of bug hotels to promote wildlife and the natural environment. Trials of battery powered hand-tools is ongoing with notable success.”

Value their Workforce

“Workforce improvements noted were the installation of a defibrillator on site, Woodhead having recently purchased circa 11 for use around various sites. The company has also recently held awards ceremonies to recognise employee contributions and has a number of different schemes running for monthly, quarterly and annual rewards. The business also held a ‘body MOT’ event recently at the HQ in Edwinstowe to help and encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles..”


“The two innovations presented and discussed are endorsed by the monitor; the crisp packet foil blanket, an innovative way of re-purposing single use plastics, which will be donated to the local homeless charity and the LinkedIn learning video recorded for use internally by site managers to help them prepare for CCS monitor visits included the completion of self assessments, which demonstrates Woodhead are fully adopting the CCS code of considerate practice as a business.”

Excellent – 44 / 45