Robert Woodhead Ltd’s next steps to sustainability with Fusion21’s Decarbonisation Framework

Robert Woodhead Ltd have taken the next step in their journey to support clients to meet the Governments net zero target. The Nottinghamshire-based construction company has been appointed to Fusion21’s Decarbonisation Framework.

The company will be part of the Decarbonisation of Public and Education buildings lot which offers solutions for energy efficiency measures to non-domestic buildings in the UK including low-carbon energy sources which will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Fusion21 support suppliers with their social value targets, offering support in the planning and delivery of sustainable and efficient procedures. As a result, suppliers can expect positive impacts both internally, such as the improvement to employment rates, and externally, benefiting the community around them. To date, Fusion21 has generated £119 Million of social value.

Business Services Director Tom Woodhead comments: “It’s an honour for the company to be appointed on Fusion21’s Decarbonisation framework to help Fusion21 members reach net zero targets and to generally continue our efforts in promoting sustainability in the construction sector.”

Social value will continue to be at the heart of our approach to the framework, while complying with the latest government legislations.

Robert Woodhead Ltd are also committed to a Climate Action Framework as another example of the steps they are taking to become more sustainable. The company has committed to becoming a climate positive contractor by December 2029.

Robert Woodhead Ltd looks forward to the opportunity to deliver future projects as part of Fusion21’s Decarbonisation Framework.

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