New Village Hall

This flagship project involved the demolition of an existing timber hall and the construction of a state of the art village hall. Included a multi-function hall with a seating capacity of 200 and a committee room with IT facilities

Key Features of the Project

  • Winner of The Harry Johnson Award 1999 for the Best Design Within A Village Setting
  • One of only seven halls in the country to receive full funding from the 21st Century Halls For England Millennium Project


Client Comments:

I would like to thank everyone in your team for their contribution to our project. It took ten years for all our plans to come together and at times it seemed beyond our dreams that we would ever have a new village hall. So you can imagine everyone’s delight and high expectations when you arrived on site as main contractors in November. You did not disappoint. The level of co-operation on site, the quality of work, your flexibility in meeting our changing requirements and the management of the project from start to finish were all excellent. The new building is hugely versatile and everyone on the committee is delighted.

Ian Atkinson, Project Co-ordinator, The Dunham Village Hall

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