Key construction companies proactively enhancing student engagement

Highlighting the wealth of opportunity available in the Construction working sector, the iConstruction event saw key players in the industry bringing together students, employers, STEM Ambassadors and teachers at The Roundhouse Derby.

Woodhead Group amongst others sponsored the event and were present on the day to help enhance student engagement.


The aim of the annual iConstruction event is to break down barriers, stereotypes and unfounded beliefs that surround careers in construction. From building, civil engineering projects and the maintenance and repair of existing structures, the industry has masses of career choices available and our economy relies on the vast amount of skills required to put the UK at the forefront of innovation. The construction industry is not just for people who fit into a hard hat!

The Challenge:

The construction industry in the UK employs over 2 million people working for over 250,000 firms. This number does not just relate to those involved in the physical aspects of construction, but also professional people involved with design innovation. With the second largest output in the European Union, the UK Construction Industry contributes 8.2% of the nation’s Gross Value Added (GVA).


Students from across the region of 7 schools came together to participate in the iConstruction event. A carousal of activities enabled curious minds to think and question key construction principles. Providing a platform to explore construction career avenues with employer engagement, the iConstruction event provided a full day of interactive challenges. Woodhead Group conducted the Programme of Works challenge, where students figured out the stages of building a house, and matched them to a cost and time for those works.

Over 100 students participated in the event which included various hands-on activities such as:

Lego Glass Tower

Lifeboat Challenge

Programme of Works

Build a Bridge

Maths of a Brick

Construction Industry Quiz


Most Self-Motivated – Whittington Green School

Most Persevering – West Park School

Most Professional – St Martins School

Best Communicators – Bolsover School

Best Overall Team – Tibshelf School