Specialist teams, focused on their sectors, understanding our customers needs, delivering exceptional construction projects. Our approach to delivering successful projects includes...

Having the courage and passion to approach projects differently

Teamwork is at the heart of successful construction projects.  We get everyone together at the earliest opportunity to agree what is important, define how our performance will be measured and discuss and solve challenges together. Whilst focusing on time, cost and quality we also agree how we can deliver social value for the communities we work in. If there is a better way of working, we will identify it.

Robust project and programme management

We have a start right finish right philosophy and have developed our programming techniques based on Lean Construction Principles, regular reviews and world class reporting allows us to reduce waste in terms of time and materials and maximise workflow.  Progress is transparently reported to our customers through our “One Report.”

Considerate and collaborative site management

We have invested in a company wide commitment to the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) by becoming an Associate Member and we are committed to raising the bar for Site Management Practices.  We become part of the local community when we are on site which means we care about our appearance, respect the community, protect the environment secure everyone’s safety and value our workforce and supply chain.

Health, safety and environment

Every one, every day, home safe. Our Health and Safety Management systems are OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited. At the initiation of a job, a Health and Safety Audit is undertaken to assess the hazards and put the control measures in place.  Our environmental approach considers natural resources, pollution and waste recycling.

Sharing success

We support our customers in promoting projects through public relations, events videos and social media.  We find that keeping everyone informed and engaged makes the construction experience positive for communities, supply chain partners and customers.

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